BLOG – My Reference Binder.

Isn’t it nice when there’s a place for everything and everything is in it’s place?

That’s how it felt when I set up this planner.

The A5 Kikki.K Ice Blue Perforated Planner was my very first Kikki.K Planner and my first planner that I began planning in, in earnest. I loved the size of it, and the amount of room that I had to fill in my days and plan out my life. At the time, I wasn’t working on my side-business in any great detail, so it was mainly my 9-5 job and my general life things that I was tracking.

My Reference Binder – Kikki.K Ice Blue Perforated in A5 Size (Large)

Later, when the Pink Lavender Planner came out, I absolutely loved it and had to have it. I moved into that one and this poor little beauty sat on my shelf, becoming a storage haven for old and used inserts.

As I began my tentative photography business and setting up my websites, I needed to track more information and as I started to get involved in Instagram challenges and the Planner Community in general, I found that there was information that I needed to keep referring to on a regular basis, usually when I was at my desk, working on blog posts, or challenges or other photo-related things. Since I didn’t need these things “on-the-go”, my Reference Binder was borne!

referencebinder-1In here, I have 5 tabs and keep things like:

  1. any hand-lettering challenges I am currently doing
  2. a running list of books I want to read for personal or professional development
  3. a learning section for notes on any personal or professional development that I do
  4. a career section – how many times do we find ourselves needing to update our CV and can’t remember what we’ve achieved in the three years since we last applied for a job or did a performance review?
  5. actual reference information such as my Tombow dual brush pen colour tracker, the hex / colour codes for my logos and branding, my website information, etc

I also keep a little notebook in there (the one with the little blue birds in the photo above). This is my little planner sidekick. It’s a reference for my reference – in here, I keep track of which tabs I have and make notes for other things I’d like to keep in there. It’s like a rolling review, in case I want to change up the layout, add or remove sections.

Here are some of the layouts in the planner:

I’m always keen to hear how other people plan and organise. Do you keep a Reference Binder as well? What do you keep in there? If you want to share a picture of it, post it to Instagram and tag me! @desleyjane_plans and use our hashtag below.

PROTIP: If you really don’t have a use for an un-used planners, consider using them for storing old inserts that you need to keep for reference. It also helps to maintain the shape and integrity of your planner if you keep it stocked – that way the cover won’t warp inwards.

Until next time, happy planning!


x desleyjane

3 thoughts on “BLOG – My Reference Binder.

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  1. Yes! You just gave my Kikki K’s new life haha. The book-section is a very good one! I used to get annoyed while bullet journalling that all of these pages are allover the place. This is a great solution 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes, the “collections” idea of bullet journalling doesn’t sit so well with me. I prefer to keep it for a calendar and put collections in my ring binders. I think that’s what my next blog post is about! X


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