A New Year Begins.

And so it’s 2018. Happy New Year!

img_5086It’s been a little while since I posted here. As some of you know, I tore the tendon off my shoulder and had to have surgery. It was incredibly painful and has been a long recovery process – so far I’m only 6 weeks post-surgery. I still can’t use my left arm properly but I can use my camera again 😊

I joined Ali Edwards One Little Word this year. For those of you who don’t know what this is, you choose a word for the year and let that word help guide your decisions and shape your experiences. If you join the official One Little Word Class, you’re given monthly prompts to help you celebrate and live your word.

My word for 2018 is Nurture. I learnt last year that I’m not invincible! It shouldn’t come as such a shock but it made me realise that we need to take care of ourselves a little better.

kikkiK-471This year, I will Nurture my mind, my body, my relationships and my career. I’ve always been a nurturer of others, that’s just my nature (yes nature AND nurture 😉) and I will continue to do that, but I plan to be more mindful of my own needs as well. A major part of this is journalling and I’ve started the year with a few Instagram challenges to help me with prompts. I’ve joined these challenges:

  • #bohoberrychallenge
  • #bujolorijanchallenge
  • #rockyourhandwriting

At the moment, I’m in my favourite Kikki.K Met You personal size planner. I love this gorgeous planner. I’m visiting my family in Mackay, Queensland at the moment, and so I’ve brought the bare minimum of supplies with me.

I have, however, purchased a new planning system! I’m so excited. It’s coming from the US, so I have to be patient, but I’m very much looking forward to setting it up and sharing it with you here and on social media.

kikkiK-474At the moment, I have my reference binder at home, and then I carry my sweet little Met You with me and it has everything else in it at the moment. I’m looking forward to adding my new planner and it will be the one that I continue to journal in.

I’m mindful of carrying too much now, since I tore my shoulder. The tear began due to strain on the tendon from carrying very large and heavy handbags. So I have learnt my lesson and I’ve pared down what I’m carrying each day. I’m also investigating carry-on luggage that I can use day-to-day for just going to the office.

More to come soon, as I go through the prompts and set up my new systems.

Again, Happy New Year! Let me know how you’re going and any changes that you’re making for 2018.

x desleyjane

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