Moving to Pre-Decorated Inserts: Personal Size Planner

kikkiK-514I have been re-thinking how I use my planners and which planners I use for which purpose. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had shoulder surgery in November last year – I tore one of the tendons right off the bone. It is a long slow road to recovery but I’m on track.

What this means however, is that even now, about two months later, I cannot carry anything heavy with my left arm. And my right shoulder is becoming strained from taking all of the weight of whatever I carry.

So, I can’t carry multiple planners, and certainly A5 planners are a little too heavy when you consider everything that I need to carry on the day-to-day.

kikkiK-513So… I switched back to Personal Size. You may know from Instagram that I have been Bullet Journalling in my A5 kikki.K “Fall in Love With Your Life” planner. I’m still using that planner, but I usually leave it at work on my desk during the week as it is now specifically for my job. I’ll write about it soon.

Today, I want to tell you about my move to pre-decorated inserts. I have been quite intrigued by the Cocoa Daisy planner kits for some time. I think they’re really pretty and they include so many little bits and pieces to accessorise your planner.

kikkiK-520But, it means that the layout is set (bye-bye bujo) and the decoration is mostly done – each page is beautifully designed to match a theme for the month. I love the idea, but when I started to move into it, I was struggling to figure out what to do. Coming from Bullet Journalling, where I created every layout, it was weird to not be creating any layouts!

So, I watched some YouTube videos and I sat down one afternoon with all the kit pieces and just started making. The theme for January is about travel and adventure, featuring beautiful vintage maps and inspired by forging a new path. Being a frequent flyer just a few short months ago, I had some photos that fit the theme and I was keen to use them in my planner, as that’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for some time.

kikkiK-517Colour-wise, the theme is not something I would ever have chosen, but actually it’s lovely and I’m enjoying having different colours for a change (plus I’ve added some pink along the way!).

As I said, I struggled at first, because I was a little restricted by the layout, but once I put my “stamp” on the pages, so to speak, I felt much more comfortable and really moved into the planner properly.

I’m enjoying the process and I’m really looking forward to the February kit – it’s bound to be full of pink and hearts for Valentine’s Day, right?!

How about you? Do you have any tips for cutting down on what you carry, while still being functional and enjoying your planner?

Are you using any pre-decorated pages?

Happy Planning!

x desleyjane


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