Dream Life Documented – An Introduction

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to give you a little introduction. I have some information over on my This is Me page, but I wanted to give you a little more here.

I group up in Central Queensland, on a sugarcane farm, and lived in Brisbane for 15 years, but moved to Melbourne in 2016, and am loving it here. I live on the edge of the CBD with my little dog Gidget, and I work as Manager of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations for a not-for-profit genomics service provider.

I have a science background and worked in science for 15 years but took a major interest in photography and then blogging and social media as time went on and I was itching for a more creative job.

Luckily the company I’m working for was looking for someone in marketing who had a science background and so here I am!

In 2017, kikki.K found me on Instagram and asked me (and 5 other lucky planner insiders) to collaborate on designing “the ultimate planner” and the kikki.K B6 was formed – it’s a planner that I adore and am so excited to see it out in so many new colours.

I was lucky enough to meet Kristina Karlsson at the Dream Life Masterclass last year and I vowed to start the journey, but life got in the way, as it does. So when Facebook reminded me that it had been a whole year since that class, I decided that now is the time.

So I started reading the book and realized that I needed some help, some people to help keep me accountable, some people to share the process with.

I also thought, if I’m struggling to sit down and do the work, then I’m sure other people are as well.

So here we go.

Dream Life Documented.

I like the notion of documenting our adventure. I’m a photographer and a writer, so both methods speak to me.

I can’t wait to hear from you all and to start this journey together. Please join us in the Facebook group, we you can access here.

x desleyjane

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