Dream Life Documented – Getting Started

Hi everyone

Our DreamLife_Documented group starts on Monday, January 13th – we’re so close now. So I thought I’d write a short post about how I’m getting ready for the journey and how I’m making a start.

I’m a very visual person. If you tell me a joke about a naked person, my brain is going to go there. So it helps me to have words and pictures on paper – that’s why I plan. So for this journey, I’m starting with:

  • Kristina’s “Your Dream Life Starts Here” book, which we all need for this process
  • the Dream Life Journal, which is a workbook to help guide us through the book
  • the grey B6 Dream Planner, which contains inserts that are similar to the journal. I don’t need this planner since I have the journal, but Kristina gifted it to me and it’s gorgeous, so I’m going to use both
  • the nude Original B6 Planner (the one I helped create) as a planner to manage the group – we’re at 82 members already, which I think is so exciting!

I posted the schedule in my previous post, which I’ve printed to pop into my planner, so that I know when each chapter begins. This will also help me organise my social media posts to help the group remember where we’re up to.

Before we start, I expect people to have read the Introduction chapter and at least had a flick through both the book and the journal. If you’re like me, you probably want to have set up your planner(s) for the process as well.

During the DreamLife journey, you’re going to pick (at least) 3 dreams to focus on, so it might be good to spend some time having a think about what areas of your life you’d like to focus on. For me, one of my areas is my “side hustle” (more to come on that later) and I’m thinking about setting up a planner specifically for that (of course). I’m still deciding on my other two, and I’m hoping that this group journey will help me come up with them.

Join the DreamLife_Documented Group on Facebook.

Come play on Instagram.

You can also see my planner setup videos on YouTube.

x desleyjane

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